The Importance of Sticking to Your Guns

By: Kris Lane

Kraken Images Via Unsplash

The past few weeks I’ve spent lots of time reading publications on Medium. It’s been a while. The themes have been wavey. Let’s generalize. Vaccines, COVID, Real Estate, and to my surprise,- not, many reads on why singledom is the down fall of the thirty something. During the pandemic, the fragility of the human connections we maintain had been made well aware. Additionally, those already in relationships want to highlight the faults in singles to mask their own failing romances. I perused through so many married, coupled, or complicated relationship…

Here’s How it’s Going

By: Kris Lane

Max van den Oetelaar via Unsplash

Seven months ago impulse, risk, and curiosity, encouraged me to take a step back into the 1990’s and use dating apps like an AOL chat room, with a little help from Whats App I set out to break through my last comfort zone and open myself up to chance of finding like minded people. A set of fearless folk, like me.

The first time around, my aim was set on men. Why? Men go on apps to talk to people. Their goal is to get the attention…

Here’s Why American Men are in Big Trouble

By: Kris Lane

By: Fabio Mauro via Unsplash

This story begins half a decade ago. I work in the biomedical research field as a grant writer and have made my way through three NYC medical schools over the last ten years. There is a trend not many are aware of in the top-tier universities in the North Eastern US. They hire international researchers, admit more international than US students, and pay them all terribly. They work these men and women to the bone in labs, at conferences, and developing new technologies at speeds no American citizen would…

By: Kris Lane

Zero Take via Unsplash

As the sun sets on the horizon, and trades her shift with the moon, it signifies the end of another day. The time most humans prepare for a meeting with their bed instead of the boardroom.

In American society, and in a fair share of global societies, this is the reunion time with a loved one. After another venture out into the world. In this bed, we then share memories and perusing’s until intimacy comes in to join between the sheets. The energy exchange is the perfect night cap to ease into a restful sleep and recharge…

A Lesson in Acceptance

By: Kris Lane

Matt Flores vis Unsplash

There is a new form of denial floating around the universe these days. Making it through the Orwellian addendum to 1984 in the live action series known as the Great Pandemic of 2020-currently streaming season two-has given rise to toxic positivity.

Life will be ok now, nothing can be worse than what has been, it’s nothing but up from here. I have found it amazing how the majority of my peers have completely forgotten what life was like before 2020. I know many people who have faced wild adversities. …

A Divine Comedy of Sarcasm

By: Kris Lane

Viktor Talashuk via Unsplash

When stumbling into the realm of single parenthood. It becomes apparent very quickly that you morph into some alien creature other adult humans must probe for information. Single parenthood becomes the topic of conversation or the elephant in the room. Depends on the day, lunar cycle, and if the next door neighbor gives you the pity stare when you’re rolling your garbage can up the drive on your own. It’s a sad day in America when a woman has to tend to her own garbage. Her delicate femininity becomes tainted.

America has a big problem with single…

Connect Online, But Don’t Date Online. Learn Online, But Don’t Love Online. Love the Person not the Process

By: Kris Lane

Chris Montgomery Via Unsplash

It’s a convenient situation now. Zoom dates that don’t have to last more than an hour from the comfort of your couch. A safe look inside without being outside. An impossible way to see how your potential counterpart functions. How they maintain their daily lives, what’s true or a farse.

Online we can toast to another great video chat that ended well. Until you replay the situation and realize I like this person. Who I haven’t met. There are lots of ways to like someone online. There are few ways to love them.

As humans, with the…

Lessons in Humanity and Non-Negotiable’s

By: Kris Lane

Andrik Langfield via Unsplash

Most articles discuss the detriments of being a solitary adult in a society. I however, encourage the idea. Giving high fives to those who choose to forego compromising their integrity for the right to a Facebook status. Refuse to settle for environments of stagnation, and most importantly, have boundaries.

Relationships no longer function without dysfunction. The task is to be the most envied on social media to replace the inferiority complex’s sting at not being as successfully portrayed in reality, with superior narcissism. To the winner go the spoils of fame and…

123 Years in the Making

By: Kris Lane

Chris Barbalis via Unsplash

Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!- Emma Lazarus 1883

In 1898 at the age of 26 years old, Frank (Francesco) Di Lauro boarded a ship. Leaving Naples, Italy, his wife and four children behind he set sail for America. Specifically, New York City. Upon arrival and a successful pass through Ellis Island, Frank navigated his way through the city to an apartment on…

By Kris Lane

Qi Xna Via Unsplash

Shoot Your Shot

As someone on the giving end as much as the receiving end I can say with the purest of honesty, a genuine miss sucks. It sucks for the person taking the shot, the person who is rejecting, the rejected, or the sheer fire miss altogether. However, some of us shoot just to take the shot. Not in it to score. Simply we like the feel of making the shot.

A connection is not happening. The dreadful slow fade after the revelation hope of assumption was intended here. Why are they not replying? When that shot didn’t connect…

Kris Lane

Mom/Poe’s Raven/Genuine Human/System Infiltrator/Human Behavior Decoder/Lover to Intelligence/80’s Baby/Hopefully Cynical Realist/NY/ Kjghawks88@gmail

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